Adventures of Farmer Tillie

So, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. Nine years ago my husband gave me two Scottie dogs for my birthday. I was so excited. I had always loved scottie dogs but never dreamed of owning one, let alone two of them. Researching their breed led me to start a dog treat business … Farmer Tillie’s Homemade Dog Treats. I wanted the best for my new buddies.

I created my own recipes and have a pretty faithful following. Dogs seem to love me and my treats!

That’s my nights and weekend job. My day job is as a surgery packs specialist and vet’s assistant for two local vet clinics. I start my day at one and end it at the other. It’s a fun job.

Besides all of that, I have a husband and a 15 yr old son, and lots of animals to care for. I raise sheep and do some animal rescue. I am also writing children’s books for my grandkids about the adventures of Farmer Tillie (me) and all my animals.

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